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"Do you think the final episode might not live up to expectations?"

- everyone’s immediate reaction during the awkward pause after the interviewer asks if the finale is really that good -

Neil: *internally screaming*

Alyson: probably not

Jason: Josh, you take this one

Josh: “um…”

Cobie: “well…”

You know you wrote a bad finale when even the cast doesn’t even like it.



[Photoset of Sailor Moon winking. Texts read: Made a phone call, Ordered the food you really wanted,  Asked a question in class, Cooked yourself a good meal, Got out of bed today, Calmed yourself down from a panic attack, Didn’t overwork yourself, Practiced self-care.]

Sometimes we get so focused on the big things that it’s easy to forget our small accomplishments, so I made the Sailor Moon Award! Celebrate the little accomplishments you make throughout the day, you deserve it!

Feel free to print these out and use them if you want, or make your own!

-Miss Usagi

  • *Someone asks our debate coach if he spoke Spanish*

  • Teacher:

    No, I dont speak Spanish. I took Latin in high school i thought id never need Spanish.

  • Me:

    I know a few words in latin

  • Teacher:

    That would be?

  • Me:

    exorcisamus te omnis immundus spiritus and christo

  • Teacher:

    What about hello?

  • Me:

    What no i dont know how

  • Teacher:

    Of course youd know how to exorcise a demon but not how to say hello

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